The Ajara Bank C0-op. Ltd. Ajara

Deposit Schemes

We are providing following deposit schemes :


Who Can Open the Account
  • Individuals
  • Two or More individuals in their joint names
  • Minors represented by the natural guardians
  • Proprietary concerns/ partnership firms/companies
  • Associations or anybody corporate
  • Hindu Undivided Families
  • Trusts
Rate of Interest The rates of interest on deposits are as fixed by the Bank from time to time.
Benefits and Features
  • Deposits accepted for periods ranging from 30 days to 120 months.
  • A term deposit is an Interest Payout  savings scheme which offers interest at yearly, half yearly, quarterly and monthly basis.
  • TDS applicable Form 15H/15G required to be submitted for exemption of TDS.
  • Nominal member of the bank will also be exempted from TDS. If you are exempt from paying tax, you need to present Form 15H when you open a Fixed Deposit and subsequently at the beginning of the following financial year.
  • A minimum amount of Rs. 1000/- and further rise in multiples of Rs. 100/- is required to open Term Deposits Account.
  • Premature withdrawal of deposit is permitted any time subject to payment of prescribed penalty.
  • Loans available upto a maximum of 85% of the deposit amount depending on the length of the unexpired period of the deposit.
  • Senior Citizens & Staff will be eligible for additional Rate of interest as per applicable norms.
  • Nomination facility available.
Amrutkumbh Deposit The Amrutkumbh Deposit scheme is a cumulative interest scheme, this means that interest earned at the end of every quarter is invested along with the principal helping you make the most of your money.